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Non-Profit Boards & Executive Directors:

Power your mission and amplify impact with commercial-grade marketing.
[charities, foundations, associations, social enterprises, and more]

Marketing For Impact

Over 1.5 million nonprofits in the US are competing for mindshare for their missions. How do you gain mindshare for your mission and marketshare for your programs with limited marketing budgets, staff or capability? Build your own Marketing-As-Service to take on your specific brand, market, fundraising or stewardship objective.



Prioritize markets and programs, develop brand and market positioning, plan tactics and scorecard, create brand presence, assess program-market fit.


Launch programs, expand markets, run brand and fundraising campaigns.


Engage constituents, run stewardship programs, generate ambassadors, capture constituent voice into programs and outreach.

Marketing-As-A-Service Example

Scenario: You set strategy, built basic brand presence, validated demand for your program. Ready to raise constituent engagement and funds?
Market Positioning
Value | Strengths | Differentiation

Define value proposition and key messages for target markets/constituents with causes and programs.

Brand Campaign
Content | Communications | Digital & Offline

Orchestrate conversations & content across channels - digital (web, search, social, email, ads) & offline (PR, events). Build awareness for mission & programs and engage constituents via trigger/planned campaigns. Track, test, tune tactics.

Constituent Profile
Target List | Content Map

Identify target constituents, build personas for campaigns. Individuals: Define journey and map content, communications, call-to-action. Corporations: Build contact list and map outreach, channels.

Fundraising Campaign
Digital & Offline | Automation | Analytics

Orchestrate content & communications across channels - dgital (web, search, social, email, ads) & offline (PR, events). Nurture constituents and generate leads via trigger/planned campaigns. Track, test, tune tactics.